Tradition of 220 years

Nunoya Tahei, a textile merchant from Shinshu (current Matsumoto City), was renown for his skills in making Soba, and, on the advice of the Fudal Lord Hosina, changed his profession to Soba making in 1789 (Kansei 1) and opened the "Shinshu Sarashina Soba Dokoro (Restaurant)"in Azabu Nagasaka Taka-inari shita..In 1876 (Meiji 8), a new law was enforced which required everyone to register their surname,and the fifth proprietor changed the trade name "Nunoya" to the family name "Horii." To this day, adhering to tradition, the "Horii Tahei" of each generation has been passing down the originalSarashina Soba to the next generation.Sarashina Soba, because of its refined taste, was quite popular with the native citizens of Edo (current Tokyo), and was even allowed to be delivered to the Shogun family at the Edo castle and the Fudal Lords residing in Edo.

Furthermore, since the Meiji Era, it was also given the honor to be favored by the Imperial Household. Sarashina Horii is currently a member of the "Toto Noren Kai," an association of well-known stores of long standing. By maintaining the unchanging taste of Sarashina Soba, we hope to keep up with our tradition of two hundred years."Souhonke Sarashina Horii" Horii Tahei

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Tradition of 220 yearsTax8% included.Pay in cash YEN only.

SEIRO-SOBA(Dipped into a dish of specially prepared sauce)

You can choose 4 type of soba or udon

TEN-MORI SOBA(Combination tempura and cold buck wheat noodles)

We can prepare 4types of TEMPURA


TENEMONO(Served in hot bonito broth seasoned with soy sauce)





Syouchu (Spirit)

Soft drinks